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From Baby Shower Invitations To Food, Keep It Simple Silly

Looks like it’s time for yet another post a cute idea that might be just what some of you are looking for. I must say that I’m quite happy with this cute little idea and I wonder if they will be something that you find useful.

When you plan a baby shower you will have a lot of things to coordinate. Just like when you host any other milestone style party you will need to coordinate everything. This means that you have to organize a guest list and plan accordingly. Find the right invitations and especially ones that match the baby shower’s style that you are going for.

And now you can do this in a much easier fashion.

Over the last few years baby showers have greatly grown in popularity. However planning a baby shower can be very stressful and time consuming. Choosing a theme, planning, budgeting and hunting for matching decorations, invites and tableware, the list goes on! Another common problem is finding suitable baby shower wares, as many shops don’t stock them or have a very limited range, especially if the gender of the baby is unknown!

When I started trying to source themed baby shower wares, I was astonished by the lack of choice on the high street! It seemed that if you wanted a themed shower you either had to go down the DIY route or source everything online. But a lot of people don’t have the time for that! Not to mention the hassle and cost! However I think I have come up with a solution. Allow me to unveil:

The Baby Shower Box!

A Baby Shower Box contains everything that you need for the perfect baby shower for up to 16 people! No stress, no fuss, just provide a venue and refreshments. Everything that you need has been sourced, gathered and packed into a beautifully presented kit! The theme for the kit varies but it contains a set of items that will help you organize the baby shower to suite your needs. That is to say you just need to unpack them and you have everything in a single box that coordinates the day for you. There are a lot of adorable themes suitable for both boys and girls, perfect if the baby’s gender is a surprise!

Our Easiest Shower Ever

Throwing a shower should be about celebrating with family and friends. The best way to kick-off and enjoy the festivities is to keep the planning and preparation of simple, and these shower ideas do precisely that.

When you are planning for a baby shower, food is important, and it is important to choose recipes which will keep you out of the kitchen and into the heart of the action.

From our Fruit Salad with Yogurt, or the Gouda Grits, to the Iced Sugar Cookies, none of these shower ideas take more than thirty minutes to prepare. So host the shows you know you can, make the shower recipes you love and enjoy the baby shower.

So skip the big meals and complicated recipes. Make the food simple so that you can simply enjoy yourself!

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